14.1.12 News

Just found a lovely account of a Mamble walk by blogger Mappi from December 2011 with some familiar pictures.

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Latest walk pictures came from Janet Rogers who recently moved to Kiln Meadow with husband, John.

We're new to Mamble and the monthly walks are really helping us to get to know the area and our neighbours. We just can't believe how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful, friendly place”.

February 2014

One victim of the recent weather is a huge tree now blocking the footpath that takes you to the new bridge between Westwood Farm and Windhill.

Josie and I just about managed to get around it by going around the tree roots and under a barbwire fence. Not so easy for everyone. Take care.

Another picture (left) kindly supplied by Gordon Malcolm

1.4.14 A note from our leader!

Tree working party

My grateful thanks to Lester and Judith Evans, and John and Jan Rogers, the volunteer work party who joined me last Thursday to cut out about 12 tree trunks that had fallen across footpaths. We left the BIG one at Westwood for professionals!    Val Greenhill

Working party selfie: Move over Obama!


January 2016